What do I ask during my post construction cleaning  site visit with the superintendent?

Essential Questions for Your Post-Construction Cleaning Site Visit

Meeting the Superintendent

  • Introduction: Visiting the site with the superintendent is crucial for securing a post-construction cleaning contract. This is your opportunity to meet the person who will be your daily point of contact and understand the dynamics of managing subcontractors on the job.

What to Ask

  • Clarification: If there are both a project manager and a superintendent, make sure to mention that you are there to confirm the project’s scope as per the project manager’s instructions.

Key Questions to Guide Your Visit

  • Scope and Competition:
    • How many cleaning companies are competing for this contract?
    • What is your estimated timeframe for the cleaning process?
    • How many workers are expected to be on-site?
  • Scheduling and Coordination:
    • What are the working hours for this project? Are we looking at day or night shifts?
    • Will we be working in conjunction with other trades, such as painters?
  • Budget and Bidding:
    • Is there a set budget for cleaning services?
    • What would be a competitive bid for this project? (See our pricing insights [here])
  • Specific Requirements:
    • How many coats of wax are needed for the VCT flooring?
    • What is the total square footage that needs cleaning?
    • Is a single-phase cleaning sufficient, or are multiple cleanings (rough, final, and touch-up) required? (Learn about cleaning phases [here])
  • Equipment and Communication:
    • Can we use your lift for cleaning high areas, or should we coordinate with another subcontractor?
    • Should the proposal be sent directly to you or to the project manager?
  • Additional Verification:
    • The superintendent usually has access to detailed architectural plans. Reviewing these can help confirm the exact areas for cleaning.

During the Walkthrough

  • Practical Assessment: As you walk through the site, ask specific questions like, “Is this area included in our cleaning responsibilities?”


  • Final Thoughts: A well-prepared site visit with the superintendent is key to understanding and successfully bidding for a post-construction cleaning project. We wish you a successful and insightful visit!