Bank Features

Construction cleaning for banking facilities involves specialized tasks to ensure the pristine condition of various areas, accommodating the unique needs of financial institutions such as Savings Bank, Bank of America, PNC Bank, Credit Union, and Wells Fargo. These projects typically encompass:

  • Teller Stations and Customer Service Areas: Thorough cleaning of surfaces, fixtures, and flooring in high-traffic customer interaction zones.
  • Fire Protection System Updates: Careful dust and debris removal from fire protection equipment and surrounding areas, especially following upgrades or installations across the building.
  • Drive-Up ATM and Walk-Up Window: Detailed cleaning of exterior and interior elements of ATMs and walk-up windows to maintain a welcoming appearance for customers.
  • Community Conference Facilities: Comprehensive cleaning of conference rooms to ensure a clean and professional environment for community and business meetings.
  • Parking Areas: Sweeping and power washing of parking lots to remove construction residue, ensuring a clean and safe entry for bank customers.
  • Grand Lobby Interior Design: Meticulous attention to cleaning the grand lobby, including floors, decorative elements, and furniture, to highlight the bank’s branding and welcoming atmosphere.

Each area requires a tailored approach, focusing on both aesthetics and hygiene to reflect the bank’s commitment to professionalism and customer service.

Awarded Projects To Date –  Bank

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
PNC alpharetta 1200.00 Talbot Construction GA 8/7/2014
Washington Federal Bank in Tucson 2800.00 Baker Construction and Development Inc. AZ 11/25/2014
BOA-CBRE 700 Louisiana- 8th and 13th floors 1050.00 Schweiger Construction Company TX 5/7/2014
Keesler Federal Credit Union in Gautier 2190.00 Clayco MS 8/14/2014
Bank of America Lucas Branch 2600.00 Schweiger Construction Company TX 4/17/2014
East Boston Savings Bank 1900.00 CARR ENTERPRISES LTD MA 1/3/2013