CCP Network free to paid Membership

From May 1, once we started to mentioned to our cleaning members that we are kicking everyone out of the CCP Network and starting over.  The new program changes are here.

Quarterly fee to be in CCP Network, (receive job leads)

Negotiable commissions ranging 1-13%- cleaner determines

Guarantee is 2 site visits per quarter, if guarantee not met, full refund

You can cancel membership at anytime and CCP will not contact you about more jobs.  

Some companies will receive 20+ jobs per year. Others 2 jobs..  


The reason to move from free membership to paid membership

  1. Remove unresponsive companies from network. We send request to make a site visit and cleaner does not respond. This person can call into a few categories

  1. Too much work on schedule and can not take on more work
  2. No work on schedule and no working capital for new job expenses
  3. No longer in construction cleaning business
  4. Works with FAX only, “not really an email person”


  1.  Many members never get an opportunity to make a site visit

  1. There are multiple members in the same working region, priority companies will be labeled and they get most of the opportunities, reduce amount of CCP Members
  2. Low amount of job opportunities in working region, we identify low job areas – cleaners in this regions must be willing to travel


If you paid Membership fee for 3 months, we will win more

  1. More likely to read emails from
  2. Make site visit and price jobs quickly
  3. You can meet contractor insurance requirements
  4. You get more personal support attention and we work on your pipeline more


How the paid network will look

  1. All members are primary, 1 member per 6 jobs within 100 miles
  2. Members get a free directory on our site
  3. High quality niche network