Next Steps To Secure Your Cleaning Contract

For us to share all the details with you on this job and let the superintendent know you will call for a site visit, we need to have a valid credit card on file.  

We’ll bill you only $1 now, as a one time payment.  

After this goes through, you’ll be given the option to select which commission structure you prefer.  You will also enter the job name that you want to work on, or you can enter the URL of the Facebook ad that you viewed.

You’ve got two options to choose from:

  1. You can agree to pay CCP a 5% commission when you are  awarded the cleaning contract, you only pay 5%  of contract amount.
  2. You can agree to pay CCP a 10% commission  when the contract is completed, and you are paid by the contractor

For option #1 – if for some reason the deal falls through between contract award and actual cleanup time, of course we will refund your 5% commission fee.  

For option #2 – you get the benefit of being paid by the contractor BEFORE you pay us anything.  

Either way, you’re totally secure…  You don’t pay us unless  you have a contract from the general contractor.

When it’s time to pay us a commission, we will bill the card you enter below.  

We will notify you before charging your card the commission fee.  

Any questions at all – email

Enter your payment details below to get started – we look forward to getting you some work!

You and Construction Clean Partners will get an email with the job name you entered on the next page along with your commission option.  We will only work with first company that pays the $1.  If you entered the Facebook ad url  in the job name slot, we will extract the job name.

$395 – Single Payment