How we get negotiated invites to submit final clean proposals

We consistently email project managers who directly invite CCP to visit their job site to submit a final clean price. Everyone wants to do business with a local contractor, our network gives us the local reach capability. Cleaning partner satisfies the job site visit request to confirm scope , then will email total contract price including commissions back to CCP. The cleaning partner contracts with general contractor per each project . Construction Clean Partners submits a proposal in cleaning company name (copying cleaning partner) to general contractor project manager contact that has been seeing our company name asking about same project for past months.

Relate cleaning partner once project manager asks for price and site is in walking stage

CCP will relate 1 partner to a project based on 3 factors: location from job site (under 70 miles), the amount of projects CCP has previously presented to a partner or already related due to working region. If partner A is not available for the site visit, CCP will present project to partner B

Address-mobilization point

We use a mapping system to choose which partner is close to the job site. If a cleaning partner has more than 1 mobilization point outside of 70 mile radius, CCP needs to create another mobilization point for cleaning partner. Ex. ABC cleaning and ABC cleaning-Memphis. CCP misses out on many opportunities because general contractor customers use our zip code to see which one of their vendors are close to the job, and some estimators are not aware we are servicing whole country.

CCP project estimates- quotes

CCP quotes without site visits are based on other common project type (retail, restaurant, industrial) price per sf , size of building (sq ft, stories (exterior window outsourcing) , # of units) , and travel distance. CCP quote shall be used as a project value indicator. 50% of projects customer will see our price. If feedback is given, CCP will adjust price quote and share feedback with cleaning partner. Most project managers will not give pricing feedback until site visit is made. If we do quote before visit and price is accepted, the site conditions are unknown, and the scope can change. Giving cleaning partner the wrong price. The site visit by cleaning partner is always the best price, confirming actual scope, and site conditions matters. CCP has default scopes for each project type matching the mobilization schedule, flooring types, or room types.

Site Visit

CCP is told from project manager, which superintendent our cleaning partner shall schedule and walk the job site with to fully confirm scope, site conditions, and schedule. CCP will always have an idea of scope, but the walk can add or remove line items. When CCP shares project details with cleaning partner, the superintendent will know the name of cleaning partner contact that intends to call to schedule and or just stop by site. In this same email to super, the cleaning partner company name is displayed. At the site visit , present as your own company name. The project manager always request our price directly and has instructed “us” to visit site. Construction Clean Partners is merely a sales arm for your business. We are one. The cleaning company partner will only contract with GC.

Who submits proposal

Construction Clean Partners shall always submit proposal to general contractor (proposal will always be created in cleaning partner name) . Cleaning partner will submit their price to CCP. CCP will follow up within 5 days from submittal and every 7-9 days after. Cleaning partner can submit change orders, and must invoice the customer that the cleaning partner is contracting with and being paid from (general contractor)

Following up on proposal submitted

CCP will send follow up email to the same contact that CCP submitted proposal to, 7 days later. CCP will follow up every 7 days always copying cleaning partner in emails. Links and attachments of our proposal and references will be in follow up emails. If cleaning partner wishes to follow up only, cleaning partner must notify CCP via email, so both parties are not following up in an un-systematized schedule. The idea is the project manager replies all and notifies both parties of award or decline.

Contract awarded

After CCP or cleaning partner receives written notification that cleaning partner will be awarded contract. The cleaning partner shall treat this project as if cleaning partner was awarded without CCP. CCP is available for Work in Progress support, you can submit all change orders without CCP, you have all contacts at this time. All communication lines are open between the cleaning partner and the general contractor customer. Work in Progress support: insurance limit requirements, contract submittal, change order preparation and submittal, payment process


Cleaning partner shall submit compliance (contract, insurance and w9) to general contractor via the preferred method (90%) email.
General contractor may require the contract to be signed and original mailed to office. 45% of the time a po is created, or our proposal signed.

Change orders

CCP will supply a change order slip to cleaning partner that can be edited and re created for multiple change orders.Cleaning partner can use own change order slips. Cleaning partner can submit change orders directly to general contractor customer. CCP can submit change orders via email if requested. CCP is paid same % on the total contract amount including all negative or positive change orders


cleaning partner shall always submit invoice directly to general contractor for full contract value, as cleaning partner is paid directly from general contractor-customer
send invoice to all shared contacts for project, or contact given in contract

Paying Construction Clean Partners

CCP will invoice cleaning partner once the contract amount is finalized at completion of contract. Electronic payment is preferred, checks can be mailed to PO Box 7414 Jackson, WY 83002