Success steps for a cleaning company working on a commercial construction site with a general contractor.  Cleaning for a general contractor is not easy, it is hard to create operating processes and it is easy to be taken advantage of as a cleaning company on a commercial construction site.

  1. Create an address book of companies and contacts to communicate with
    • Where to find active general contractors who buy construction cleaning in your working region
      1. Value of contact email and phone.  Real estate- asset
      2. CleanSnap has a 500 mile search radius
      3. Buy contractor list for around $2,000.  Are emails updated? Direct phones?  Example.
      4. LDI, IsQft.  These free sources list bidding jobs along with company name and 1 or 2 contacts per job invite
      5. – rent a database of active contacts
    • Types of systems to store accounts and contacts
      1. Write by hand in notepad
      2. Excel sheet
      3. Customer relationship management software -Contact manager, zoho, Insightly
    • Clean bad contacts, phones, and emails
      1. When a phone does not work or email bounces, remove
      2. CleanSnap data is already clean
      3. data is clean
    • Segment companies by working region, types of jobs, planroom location,
      2. How does this company operate, how can you sell easier to them
    • Get on bid list
      1. Use Construction Clean Partners Get On Bid list key to answer common questions
      2. Have a goal of being on all companies invitation to bid list to receive invitation to bids emails
  1. Create a pipeline of job opportunities
    • If you have contacts, you can email asking for opportunities without a job request for proposal
      1. Email templates – introductory with job name 
    • Contact and job history logging
      1. Organization, transfer notes and gmail to your address book, crm, notepad
      2. You must stay relevant, contacts can not go untouched, you must be remembered and easy to locate (email inbox)


    • Add opportunities from other sources. Facebook, LDI, Isqft, itb emails- not your direct pipeline
      1. Free invitation to bid websites.  Bluebook, isqft, ldi
      2. Facebook are the closest to completion with all others in bidding phase
      3. CleanSnap jobs have job decision maker contacts, request for final clean price, and are all in progress
      4. Pay 3rd party source
      5. Wait for companies to call you
      6. Cold call companies
  1. Manage the job lead to get to proposal submittal-  after the project manager has asked for a price
  1. Print CleanSnap sheets weekly, write notes next to job and contact names, cross job names out
  2. Contact and job history logging
  3. Gather plans for pricing estimate
  4. Superintendent site contact
  5. When is site visit required, clean start, building completion
  6. Proposal submit
  1. Follow up 5 time with each contact related to job
  1. Post contract support
    • Change orders
    • Payment requirements
      1. Invoice tips
      2. Davis bacon weekly payroll
      3. Software
    • Accounts receivable assistance
      1. Follow up fast and often
      2. By Email and phone.  If CCP Members have hard time collecting, CCP can email up to 10 other contacts to highlight the non pay.
  1. Customer and lead retention
    • Contact and job communication dates
      1. Reuse contact information, call, email and reference past experience with contact
      2. You must stay relevant, contacts can not go in touched- create pipeline
      3. CleanSnap users can re communicate with the job awarded contacts and all other job contacts within 500 miles.