Whose job is this? CCP’s or the cleaning company’s?

When CCP gives you a project’s details and asks you to make a site visit, that job becomes your cleaning company’s job.  We simply hold the job for you until it’s time to make a site visit.

With CCP premium members, you can see your job pipeline before the job is ready to for a site visit, giving the capability to start networking with project manager.  Or even stopping by the job site too early to see job finishes, and you can meet the super on site and start building a relationship there.

Your cleaning company is always the prime contractor and price determiner; you will invoice and receive payment directly from the General Contractor.  All lines of communication are open between our cleaning partners and the project managers.
When CCP refers a company to the job, it then becomes the cleaning company’s job.  The cleaning company will pay CCP a commission only if they are awarded a contract.

Each job is the cleaning companies because the cleaning company has the contract with the GC.  If we are on a commission opportunity, and the cleaning company does a bad job, then the GC may email ccp to tell on the cleaning company..  We would just forward the email to our cleaning partner.  You manage on the job tasks way better the CCP.