With DoConstructionBusiness Email Lists you buy general contractor email lists for specific states or pre-made lists (superintendent, project managers or key estimating bidding contacts).  Once you purchase your desired contacts, you have access to the people name, phone, and email addresses of all the general contractor companies.  You also have basic contact information for the company.  You own the contact as an asset, you call or email the contacts to sell your service product.  There is no commission on relationships built or contracts awarded.  The trade or service you provide does not matter when purchasing a DCB email list.

Construction Clean Partners only works within the post construction cleaning scope.   Cleaning companies collaborate with CCP only on final clean opportunities (CCP picks jobs in the cleaning company working region to pursue with the cleaning company in submitting a proposal.

CCP helps confirm when is the best time for site visit

CCP helps submit proposal, and bid follow up

CCP earns a commission on all awarded projects with cleaning partner

With CCP you do not get a load of data to own, you hear about specific job leads and you get to keep those contact names and emails along with that company information.  If you are a cleaning company and do not have much time for outbound sales,  CCP is your best option.  If you provide another service or product outside of cleaning, DCB email lists is your best option.  The contacts are an asset you can use forever.

CCP premium members now have access to an online portal where they can see their opportunities that construction clean Partners is pursing with each cleaning company.  Each cleaning company can make price amount adjustments or change the contacts on each opportunity.

You do not have to be active inside the platform, CCP will continue to email contacts on your opportunities to get a final clean approval

but you can change any of your opportunities, make notes, and communicate with CCP via the online platform.  If you are a CCP premium member, you can call anyone on any of your opportunities or the companies.  all lines of communication are open