Post Construction Cleanup Opportunities

We need a cleaning partner to visit the site, create pricing, and contract with the construction company

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We will share the job details to win the clean contract with your company. If you lose, pay $0 commissions

These opportunities are now available for site visits and pricing confirmation. 

  • Prices listed are not yet approved by project manager/ construction company.  Estimate price is based on $25 per square foot.
  • We want you to visit the site and walk to understand full scope and you create a price you want to charge the construction company.
  • We must submit a proposal in your company name to be approved from project manager.
Cleaning company pay’s CCP when paid in full from the construction company.

Email are sent from CCP- Job details for construction project that allows cleaning company to make a site visit and submit a proposal.  More information may need to be gathered from project manager

  1. You schedule site visit with superintendent and confirm pricing you want to charge the GC. Not sure what to charge? Check out this pricing guide.
  2. Construction Clean Partners  or your company submits proposal to project manager on your behalf.  Check out proposal samples.
  3. You sign contract with General Contractor, start cleanup, invoice full contract amount and collect payment from GC.
  4. Pay Construction Clean Partners 10% of contract amount

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Jobs are removed from list

  1. If the project manager has found a cleaning company to contract with.
When the cleaning company wins the post construction cleaning contract, a contract is created from the general contractor between the cleaning company. This page serves as notification the cleaning company agree's that CCP has shared specified job name and CCP earns commission from cleaning company