including notable names like Walmart, ALDI, and Kroger, underscores the importance of aligning our services with industry standards and expectations.

Client Feedback on Final Cleaning Costs

  • Walmart Neighborhood Market Projects: Our clients have highlighted that the final cleaning costs for these projects typically range between $4,000 and $5,000. This insight is invaluable as we aim to provide competitive and transparent pricing that reflects the quality and scope of our services.

  • ALDI Projects: Feedback indicates that the cleaning costs for ALDI projects fall between $2,800 and $3,200, showcasing a precedent for pricing within this specific retail segment. This benchmark aids in refining our quotes to better match client expectations.

Store Size Considerations

Understanding the average store sizes across various brands helps tailor our cleaning solutions effectively:

  • Kroger: The nationwide average store size for Kroger is approximately 61,000 square feet, with Harris Teeter, a subsidiary, averaging around 49,000 square feet. Newly opened Harris Teeters in 2012 reported an average size of about 54,000 square feet, indicating a trend towards larger store formats.

  • Walmart’s Neighborhood Market: These stores average about 38,000 square feet, focusing on fresh produce, meat and dairy, bakery and deli items, alongside household and pharmacy products. Walmart’s strategy includes expanding its Neighborhood Market and Walmart Express stores to areas unsuitable for the larger Walmart Supercenters, which average around 182,000 square feet.


Awarded Projects To Date –

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
Cumberland Farms-GREENLAND 2300.00 EMCO CONSTRUCTION NH 6/3/2013
QT project in Duluth, GA 450.00 RG Williams Construction, Inc. GA 6/13/2014
QT-shared commission with Pro Squared Rep 5800.00 Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc. GA 9/9/2014