If you do not see your state/ province above, fill in the below. If your state is above, click the state and purchase a construction clean job leads list.

The primary contact statement on each job tells us who the project manager is Construction Clean Partners is trying to submit a proposal on these also, it’s all about timing. When is the exact time the pm will buy the cleanup? Some jobs can visit now to confirm pricing and some will buy the cleaning in 2020 Reach out to all project managers with the same email showing interest in the job name Reference other guys’ names- like you are knowledgeable Yes, you can say you got the information from Construction Clean Partners if you need it.  

Each job (100%) has a project manager related Some jobs have a superintendent is on site-related also Some jobs the pm has not said we need a clean price. and some jobs the pm has said we need a clean price We deliver this to you in an excel sheet including. job name, a construction company name, job address, project manager and superintendent contacts. CCP does not support clean company to make a site visit, not submitting a proposal to the project manager, nor any post operations collections tasks. if cleaning company wins a job with a construction company, there are no commissions because of CCP  

Tips · Combine email with a phone to show interest in each project · SMS the project manager and superintendent · submit quotes lower than our estimated amount (25 cents per square foot) directly to the project manager email · It may take 3-5 times to reach someone · When you confirm a project manager will not by your scope, cross job out and never reach out again