Are any cleaning companies truly nationwide

Only a few companies can manage post construction cleaning scopes coast to coast, it’s not an easy job.  Some of our competitors believe they can price a job from afar, simply by looking at blueprints or by talking over the phone; and then using temporary labor to do the work. We at CCP believe it is crucial for someone to actually visit the site to see the conditions in person before making a bid.  The companies we partner with are ALWAYS local, familiar with the area, and able to deal with any situations in person should they arise.    

Other cleaning companies who say they can work nationwide are usually only interested in projects worth over $20,000, and a majority of these projects they will NOT send someone in person for a site visit before pricing.   Since CCP only partners with local cleaning companies, we always make sure there is someone visiting the site before offering a price.  Local CCP partners are able to return to the site and complete any tasks on a punch list if needed; companies contracting from afar have no way to do this quickly.

We see long distance contracts fail because of the difficulty in managing temporary labor, renting equipment, finding accommodations; for these reasons we advise all cleaning companies to work on local projects.

We have seen companies by a travel trailer, inclosed trailer that you hook to back of your truck and you can store all your equipment overnight in a distant job site or in the hotel lobby.  Hotel costs and gas can be lumped into your proposal price, if the project manager/ super likes you or the price, then they will buy..  You have to make the schedule work.   Overnight travel is so hard because you can not confirm that you will have full productive work days all your expected hotel nights.  So possibly you can have a crew of 4 in a hotel for a wed night, but could not work wed day because of some inspection.