Lock In Exclusive Rights To Your Region


CCP Premium Network Membership By Region

Work with an expert to help your business  find and win construction clean contracts

Construction Clean Partners will assign one of our experts to work for your company daily. Our goal is to help you win contracts with commercial general contractors.

We have selected city areas that we get the most invites from project managers to price the final clean scope.  For us to keep the relationship with project managers and superintendents, we need to submit proposals for the pm to approve amount.

  • We send proposals to project manager with your contact and company name before being officially invited to make a site visit
  • Project support to win (a proposal, change order, site visit introduction, scope gathering)
  • We assign our pipeline of projects in your region and instantly make introductions by submit quotes in your company name.
  • Our goal is to win projects for you. The average contract amount is $7,000.   Our average commission is $700
  • Negotiable commission on each successful job (YOU determine our commission rate, so you’ll always make a profit – we’ll invoice you only AFTER you’ve been paid in full by contractor).    

$449 quarterly for expert concierge contract win assistance service

You pay $449 USD per 3 months to get an expert working with your company to help find and win construction clean contracts.  We are your final clean sales arm.    This is a concierge service.   Compare this to having a part-time employee on your team that you can rely on for post construction cleanup sales and help for your business create new general contractor relationship.