We Need 1 cleaning company to connect with The General Contractor for each of the below available jobs


List of jobs that you can schedule a site visit for final cleanup pricing confirmation NOW
* Amount is an estimated value (not yet approved by project manager )  $.25 x square ft 
**See all your state jobs together by sorting columns.  Press the word “State” below

After commission selection is submitted, we relate your company to the job you selected.  CCP will only work with 1 cleaning company per job.  

Two emails will come to you.  1. The superintendent on site will get an email “expressing you will call to confirm a site visit time” you are copied on that email.   2.  Full job details (only to you).  Watch this video to learn more 


For $1 Construction Clean Partners will contact the superintendent and arrange a site visit for you.  You will walk the site to confirm the price you want to charge the general contractor.  You then submit the proposal to the project manger or CCP can (in your company name).  You complete the workload then invoice the General Contractor (you contracted with).  CCP will only work with 1 company on each job.

In the form below enter the name of the job you are interested in pricing and choose a commission structure; 5% upon you being awarded the contract, or 10% once you’re paid by the contractor. You will contract with and get paid directly by the general contractor. 

After submitting your $1 payment, you’ll get a confirmation email with the job name, your selected commission rate, and instructions for the next steps. We will charge the card you enter below. 

You must put a job name from above in the below job name slot, do not put a region, you can copy the job name.  When we win the contract together , CCP can not draw commissions from your card if you do not use the job name that we have listed.

If you are not in our system, you must fill out this form.  We need your company information to share with the project manager and superintendent.


$1 Payment Submission

Order Total: $1.00 USD

We work with cleaners in 2 ways. On a client level , where your company owns your working region, any final clean request  within 150 miles from your company, we would set you up with a site visit with super on site and support pre contract award processes, or you can get into our system for free then you get an email asking if you are interested in jobs within 70 miles from you.  When you get that email, the job appears on this page.   Then for us to work on the job with your company, you must pay $1 per job.  The cleaning company will price the project, and always contract and be paid from the General Contractor.  Our only contract method is you approving us to debit the agreed upon percentage of the total contract value.