Success on being our final clean partner for this opportunity

It is your opportunity, we are connecting you with the contractor, we are here for support of submitting proposal and being awarded contract.

We will relate your company to the job that you entered. We are now confirming that the site visit is ready for you.

 At this time you do not need to do anything.  Wait on us.   You should get the job details soon.   You can call us 202-544-1353


You can download proposal templates here  .                                                    

  1.  CCP figures when the project manager is ready to buy cleaning.  Confirms job details for clean partner to visit site
  2.  CCP sends 2 emails- JOB DETAILS to you and you are copied on intro email to superintendent on site- super now has your name, phone, email
  3.  You call the superintendent to schedule your arrival time
  4.  You make job site visit to confirm the scope and price, walk inside building with super
  5.  After you confirm the price you need to charge the GC, you or CCP must submit proposal to pm in your company name.
  6.  Your company will receive a contract from General Contractor
  7.  You schedule and complete cleaning
  8.  You invoice General Contractor full contract amount
  9.  You are paid full check from General Contractor
  10. CCP is paid commissions from clean partner


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