Police & Fire Station

Construction cleaning for Police-Fire Stations presents a unique set of challenges and requirements due to the specialized nature of these facilities. Each area within the station, from department-specific zones to shared spaces, requires a tailored approach to ensure the safety, functionality, and cleanliness of the environment for all personnel.

Shared Spaces

  • Lobby and Conference Room: These areas serve as the public face of the station and spaces for internal meetings. Cleaning focuses on creating a welcoming and professional appearance, with regular dusting, floor cleaning, and sanitizing of surfaces to maintain a healthy environment.
  • Restrooms and Common Areas: High standards of hygiene are critical, with frequent sanitizing of all surfaces, fixtures, and fittings.

Police Department Areas

  • Offices and Interrogation Rooms: Regular cleaning and dusting of desks, shelving, and technology equipment, alongside deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery, ensure a clean working environment conducive to focus and professionalism.
  • Holding Cells and Evidence Storage: Special attention to security and safety protocols, using appropriate cleaning agents that prevent corrosion or damage to sensitive materials and surfaces. Sanitizing these areas is crucial for health and hygiene.
  • Armory: Cleaning in these areas must consider the safety and security of weapons and ammunition, focusing on dust removal and maintaining a controlled environment.

Fire Department Areas

  • Apparatus Bays: Cleaning these large spaces requires heavy-duty equipment to handle the dirt and grime associated with fire trucks and emergency equipment. Floor cleaning and degreasing are essential, as is the cleaning of workbenches and storage areas.
  • Sleeping Quarters: Similar to residential cleaning but with a focus on efficiency and hygiene, ensuring bedding and personal spaces are clean and allergen-free.
  • Kitchen and Dining Area: These areas demand a higher level of cleaning due to food preparation and consumption, with a focus on sanitizing surfaces, appliances, and floors to maintain food safety standards.
  • Training Facilities: Depending on the nature of the training facilities, cleaning protocols may need to accommodate specialized equipment and surfaces, ensuring they are ready and safe for use.

Considerations for Construction Cleaning

  • Security Clearance: Cleaners may require background checks or supervision due to the sensitive nature of police and fire stations.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Cleaning schedules may need to accommodate the 24/7 nature of these facilities, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.
  • Safety Protocols: Adherence to safety protocols is paramount, especially when cleaning near dangerous equipment or in areas requiring special security measures.

Awarded Projects To Date –
Police & Fire Station

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
Fort Worth Mounted Patrol 4300.00 SEDALCO Construction Services TX 11/19/2014
Reston Police Station 8412.50 Dustin Construction, Inc VA 9/26/2014
Medfield DPW 9000.00 Castagna Construction MA 8/4/2014
Gwinnett County Fire Maintenance Facility 1500.00 CRS building corporation GA 10/17/2013
Duxbury Police station 3800.00 Castagna Construction MA 1/29/2013
Fair Oaks Fire & Police Station 6000.00 Milestone Construction services VA 8/31/2012