Premium Member Success Stories

By Aduvie Okoh

Today, we will talk about Shane, our Premium Member based out of Kentucky. We will take a brief look at his experience as a Basic member and his current success as a Premium member.

Shane signed up with Construction Clean Partners as a Basic member in 2017. He was in our system as a Basic Member and could only get cleaning leads when the job was super close to him. Essentially basic members are in line with other basic members and distance matters to determine who we call first to see if you are available.  

Versus Premium membership where your profile is optimized to actively search for cleaning leads for your company and you are first in line overall basic members and distance doesn’t matter. We ask you how far you can travel as a premium, and we find work for you within that distance.

Thankfully, the Project Manager for the Tru hotel in Florence, Kentucky reached out to us for a cleaning price. Shane was the closest partner to that site, and we had no Premium member in that area. We sent the project lead to Shane.

After visiting the site, he promised to come on Premium and asked for help with preparing the proposal and following up with the Project Manager.

Our sales team got to work, prepared, and submitted the $9,000 proposal, and followed up with the Project manager 3 times until he was ready to buy the cleaning contract (a service reserved for our Premium members). Shane won the cleaning contract.

Unfortunately, after he got paid, he did not sign up on Premium. He did not fulfill his promise.

Oh well, in April 2020, he reached out to us, lamenting the current COVID situation and how difficult it is to find work. He was ready to come on Premium so we could actively search for work for him.

We started work on his profile, and in May, we secured for him the  $25,000 contract to clean the Boyle Middle School in Danville, Kentucky.

While working on Boyle, he also got from us the $3,500 cleaning contract to clean the Life Storage in Batavia, Ohio.

Shane is happy with his Premium Success, and his pipeline is active with more leads coming in.

Being a Basic Member with Construction Clean Partners is “Valuable”, but becoming Premium is “Valuable on Steroids”.

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