Residential-Units apartments, condos , hotels

College residence hall , Apartments, Hotel, Condo, Senior living facility.

The most common project type that includes multiple mobilizations

Rough clean is first mobilization. Usually before carpet is installed, this is the most time consuming mobilization. Heavy dirt and dust are removed

units plus common areas and basement level garage
basement and subbasement
Many windows
Multiple stories
retail space and a third floor community deck.
Do you have enough manpower to turn two building that close together
pressure wash
mail kiosk
maintenance building
multiple buildings
multiple mobilizations
Floor level retail stores
Fitness room

12 units are all Luxury Vinyl tile, have plastic laminate tops, and inexpensive wood cabinets, and GE appliances
· 1st corridor is Ceramic tile
· 2nd & 3rd Stairs & corridors are carpet.
· Laundry room has sheet vinyl
· Electric room and Water room are finished concrete

Common stories for apartment building cleans

We were scheduled and arrived to perform a “rough clean”; at which point we learned we were expected to clean without power in the building and without water. On this occasion every bathtub contained sawdust, sheet rock mud and dust, paint overspray, debris of paper, plastic, and metal, AND had been used as a urinal. But there was no running water in the building with which to clean. And no direct light in the windowless bathrooms. We consider this to be “the impossible”. Further, we were expected to run our electrical tools on 300 feet of extension cords, even though another crew was pressure washing the breezeways and we couldn’t run the cords during the hours they were working. How is this possible?

We were told that each unit would be locked after we cleaned it so it would stay clean, but that didn’t happen.

Awarded Projects To Date –
Residential Units

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
333 Main Street Renovation (Park City, UT) 735.00 JACOBSEN Construction Company UT 1/20/2014
Emma Condos- renovation 2200.00 Culp Construction UT 8/28/2014
Cumberland Place Apartments Phase II 29485.00 Hand Construction, LLC TX 7/25/2013
The Springs at Corpus Christi, Staples and Timbergate, 43000.00 McShane Construction Company TX 6/2/2014
Foxland Crossing 56051.22 TDK Construction TN 9/5/2013
The Reserve – Johnson City, TN 52000.00 TDK Construction TN 3/7/2014
Tapestry Senior Living Tulsa 28000.00 COWEN CONSTRUCTION INC OK 3/17/2015
628 14th Street, NE 2240.00 Patner Construction DC 3/22/2013
17th & O – the Drake 34620.00 Grunley Construction Co., Inc. DC 5/21/2014
Petworth Safeway – Washington, DC 60320.00 The Bozzuto Group DC 11/25/2013
CAMBRIA SUITES HOTEL AT CITY MARKET AT O 33500.00 Clark Construction Group DC 1/23/2014
Jefferson Brookville Apartments 11625.00 REHAB BUILDERS INC VA 7/9/2014
Buildings E4227,E4222, E4229 at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds at Edgewood Md 10000.00 Wycliffe Enterprises MD 1/22/2014
Studios at LWG Project 2200.00 Ribbeck Construction Corporation LA 3/21/2014
Allen O'Neill Homes 28750.00 VIKING CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED CT 2/20/2013
Sharon Ridge Expansion 3500.00 VIKING CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED CT 4/7/2014
Leonard Apartments 10650.00 MCK Building Associates, Inc NY 4/10/2013
Southpointe Apartments Canonsburg, PA 170000.00 ELFORD INC PA 10/15/2013
Rieger Place 22100.00 The Douglas Company OH 7/8/2014
Fairfield Inn & Suites – Columbus, Ohio 15000.00 HIFIVE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INC OH 4/7/2015
8 Unit Apt- disaster-Highland Corners Apts. 2500.00 Rolyn Companies GA 3/8/2012
Winder Apartments 9000.00 TBG Residential GA 6/12/2012
Westminster Scott Hall Remodel 5055.00 New South Construction Company GA 5/24/2013
Holiday Inn remodel in Athens 4800.00 Pinkerton-laws GA 8/21/2013
Alabama Hall 7600.00 New South Construction Company GA 7/22/2014
Cottage Square Apartments L.P.,Easthampton, MA 17000.00 James J. Welch & Co., Incorporated MA 2/19/2015
Mystic Lofts Apatments – Charlestown, MA 19000.00 Stateside Construction Group MA 12/23/2014
Hotel on North 8000.00 DAVID J TIERNEY JR INC MA 5/4/2015
Larson Apartments 17325.00 Broeren Russo IL 3/24/2014