Construction cleaning for restaurants encompasses a comprehensive approach to ensure that every aspect of the new establishment, from the commercial kitchen to the dining areas and restrooms, is immaculate and ready for operations. Given the high standards for hygiene and cleanliness required in food service environments, construction cleaning for restaurants like Shake Shack, Taco Bell, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Arby’s, Wild Wing Cafe, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, Panera Bread, and Burger King demands meticulous attention to detail.

Key Areas of Focus:

Commercial Kitchen

  • Equipment and Surfaces: Deep cleaning of cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing equipment to remove any residue from installation and construction. Sanitizing surfaces, including countertops, shelving, and preparation areas, to meet health code standards.
  • Floors and Drains: Thorough cleaning and degreasing of floors, paying special attention to drains and grease traps to ensure proper functionality and hygiene.

Dining Areas

  • Furniture and Fixtures: Cleaning and polishing all furniture, fixtures, and decorative elements to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests.
  • Windows and Floors: Cleaning windows for clarity and natural light, and detailed floor cleaning to address any construction dust, debris, or marks.


  • Sanitization: Comprehensive sanitization of all restroom fixtures, including toilets, urinals, sinks, and mirrors, ensuring a hygienic environment for both staff and patrons.
  • Consumables: Installation of consumables like soap dispensers, paper towel holders, and toilet paper holders, following cleaning.

Bar Area and Outdoor Seating

  • Bar Cleaning: Polishing bar tops, cleaning shelving and storage areas, and ensuring taps and dispensers are clean and functional.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Cleaning outdoor furniture, decks or patios, and ensuring clear pathways for guests.


Awarded Projects To Date – Restaurant

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
smashburger- sandy springs 2800.00 Talbot Construction GA 1/22/2015
NaanStop Express ph2 1782.50 Lovvorn Construction GA 9/25/2014
NaanStop Express 920.00 Lovvorn Construction GA 6/10/2014
Zaxby-ponce 2000.00 Reeves Contracting Company GA 6/26/2013
Little Caesar's Pizza – Marietta, GA 900.00 Klewin Construction GA 1/16/2013
Arbys- 400N 500.00 Ganaway Contracting GA 12/5/2012
Pizza Hut-Wrightsville,GA 900.00 Chouinard Construction & Maintenance GA 6/20/2012
Pizza Hut #308685 Soperton,GA 900.00 Chouinard Construction & Maintenance GA 5/16/2012
Cheeky- Restaurant 3600.00 Catamount Constructors GA 1/6/2012
Burger King-Montgomery AL 1700.00 Ganaway Contracting AL 6/19/2012
pizza hut remodel-fluff clean – North Olmstead, OH 800.00 Acme Enterprises, Inc. OH 7/24/2014
Taco Bell – Medina, OH 1500.00 Acme Enterprises, Inc. OH 12/5/2013
Five Guys -Dayton 1400.00 JJO Construction OH 10/17/2013
AU BON PAIN – Akron, OH 1500.00 NORTHBORO BUILDERS OH 3/8/2013
McDonalds-Cleveland 1500.00 Acme Enterprises, Inc. OH 11/27/2012
KFC Broad Street 1000.00 Chouinard Construction & Maintenance OH 9/17/2012
B&B – Pembroke Pines, FL 1300.00 NORTHBORO BUILDERS FL 6/18/2013
PETERBROOKE – Tallahassee 1200.00 NORTHBORO BUILDERS FL 3/8/2013
Restaurant Depot-Pitts 4840.00 OLIVER HATCHER CONSTRUCTION PA 7/25/2014
Edible Arrangements-Erie, PA 750.00 NORTHBORO BUILDERS PA 2/14/2013
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 3232.00 FORTNEY & WEYGANDT INC NJ 8/27/2013
Panda Express – Union NJ 3000.00 Longview Construction NJ 11/30/2012
Panda Express Queens Center Mall 2800.00 Longview Construction NY 7/9/2014
Panda Express- Yonkers, NY 2700.00 Longview Construction NY 11/21/2013
Domino’s Pizza, Westminster, MD 900.00 National Interiors, Inc. MD 9/16/2014
Penn St. East Coast Subs-Fairfax 1460.00 NORTHBORO BUILDERS VA 3/8/2013
Penn St. East Coast Subs-Haymarket 2160.00 NORTHBORO BUILDERS VA 2/8/2013
world of beer arlington 1300.00 Fisher Contracting Corp. VA 7/9/2012
Panda Express Washington DC 3000.00 Longview Construction DC 8/4/2014
Agua restaurant 2500.00 Stoneridge Construction DC 11/25/2013
Pei Wei Asian Diner 2350.00 Story Construction DC 8/8/2013
Hardees (Burger King Conversion) – Johnson City, TN 2300.00 Candito Construction TN 2/6/2015
Chick Fil-A in Novato 2800.00 Hilbers Incorporated CA 6/24/2014
Fire House Subs-the bullseye center 1300.00 JJO Construction KY 1/8/2014
California Pizza Kitchen-Ann Arbor, MI 1000.00 FORTNEY & WEYGANDT INC MI 10/15/2014
Zhu Dang Restaurant 2000.00 Edifice Construction WA 10/24/2014
Burger King-Spanaway, WA 2200.00 Baker Construction and Development Inc. WA 9/18/2014