Senior Living

Construction cleaning for Senior Living and Retirement Communities involves a comprehensive and sensitive approach to address the unique needs of facilities designed for the comfort and safety of senior citizens. These communities often feature a mix of living units, common areas, and recreational facilities, each requiring specific cleaning protocols to ensure a welcoming and hygienic environment for residents.

Living Units:

  • Apartments, Suites, and Rooms: Deep cleaning of all surfaces, fixtures, and fittings, with particular attention to kitchenettes or kitchens and private bathrooms to ensure they meet high hygiene standards. Careful cleaning of windows, carpets, and flooring is essential to remove any construction dust or debris.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Ensuring that all cleaning processes do not compromise the safety and accessibility features essential in senior living environments.

Common Areas:

  • Dining Areas and Lounges: Thorough cleaning and sanitization of dining spaces to prepare for meal services, including kitchens, dining tables, and chairs. Lounges require detailed dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning of all seating and recreational equipment.
  • Libraries and Fitness Centers: Dusting and cleaning shelves and materials in libraries, and sanitizing gym equipment and surfaces in fitness centers to promote a healthy living environment.
  • Activity Rooms: Preparing these spaces for use with detailed cleaning of all surfaces, equipment, and storage areas, ensuring they are ready for recreational programs and activities.

Outdoor Spaces:

  • Gardens, Walking Paths, and Patios: Clearing any construction debris from outdoor areas and ensuring that paths and patios are clean and safe for residents to enjoy. Attention to landscaping elements is important to present a tidy and inviting outdoor environment.

Awarded Projects To Date –
Senior Living

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
Clare Bridge at the Orchards 5400.00 PDC MIDWEST INC CO 6/30/2014
Fountains of Franklin 10200.00 Brindley Construction, LLC TN 2/27/2013
CITY MARKET AT O – SR. HOUSING 27250.00 Clark Construction Group DC 6/2/2014
Poydras Home Addition and Renovation 5380.00 Woodward Design+Build LA 6/5/2013
Maplewood Bethel 14700.00 A. Pappajohn Company CT 10/22/2014
Mercy Senior Care -Rome 3400.00 Hogan Construction Group, LLC GA 5/30/2012
North Shore Place Assisted Living 83620.00 Skender Construction, LLC IL 2/3/2014