South Carolina

Construction Clean Partners is the premier provider of post-construction cleaning services throughout South Carolina, offering specialized services in Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville. Our expert teams are strategically deployed from these cities, ensuring effective and comprehensive final cleanup for construction projects across the state.

Focusing exclusively on the construction industry within South Carolina, we set ourselves apart by not offering general janitorial services. This dedicated approach allows us to concentrate our expertise and resources entirely on post-construction cleaning, delivering services tailored to the specific needs of construction sites.

To ensure our cleaning services are perfectly matched to your project’s requirements, we initiate our engagement with a detailed site visit. This essential step allows us to accurately assess the cleaning needs of your site, enabling us to offer a precise and competitive quote for our final cleaning services. Whether your project is in the historic city of Charleston, the bustling capital of Columbia, or the vibrant community of Greenville, Construction Clean Partners is committed to delivering immaculate and ready-for-occupancy spaces upon completion.