Tying it all together (how will you find time to do all of this?)


[Note: This is post #6 of a 6 part series on how to find construction
cleanup leads  â€“  to read the whole series click here]

This is the final post in the our series on how to grow your cleaning business with construction cleanups.

I hope you’ve learned a lot, and I hope you’re ready to get out there and make some money!

You should now have everything you need to land highly profitable construction clean contracts.

Now, when I explain this process to people new to construction cleans, I’ll often hear something like this, “I don’t have enough time as it is… how am I going to find time to do all of that!?”

Honestly, the financial rewards of implementing the steps I’ve outlined here can be great… but, following all these steps WILL take some significant effort on your part.  

If you’re serious about growing your business with construction cleans, there’s no way around the fact that you must  invest several hours of work each week for prospecting and follow up, not to mention the actual time needed to deliver the cleans.

Well, actually there’s no way around it, if you plan on doing it all yourself.

One way to solve the time investment problem is getting someone else to handle the prospecting for you.

If you’ve got an employee  who could take this over, or you’re willing to hire someone to handle sales, it’s a smart investment to make.

No, it probably won’t pay for itself overnight, and there’s a bit of risk involved, but over a few months it can MORE than pay for itself. Especially once you get to know your local market, and you get better at this whole prospecting thing.

Another option, If you don’t have the time, energy, or resources to hire someone to do all of this – is joining https://www.buildingcontractorleads.com/search/home/  and letting us handle the lead generation for you.

https://www.buildingcontractorleads.com/search/home/ gives you access to a steady stream of hot construction cleanup leads for your area. All of our opportunities are from contractors who have active construction projects in progress

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So… unless you’re into doing things the hard way, try us! There’s really nothing to lose here, but a lot to gain.