We Need a Final Cleaning Union Signatory Company

The construction jobs are in St. Louis

Project Labor Agreement 

You need to be a union employer in the final cleanup industry business for us to win these contracts.  If your company is not signatory,  sign a 1 time project labor agreement with one of these Locals.  We have contact info on them all.  

PLAs require merit shop contractors to pay their workers’ health and retirement benefits to union benefit and pension funds. Thus, companies have to pay benefits twice: once to the union and once to the company plan

Nonunion employees may have to pay union dues and fees or join a union in order to work on a PLA project.


Next step is to get into our system

Once you fill out the below form, we can ask you if interested in union and non union final clean price requests in your area

I can possibly complete union work, email me more details