Construction Clean Partners has indirect affiliations with  laborers’ local unions in the below cities:

  • Idaho Falls
  • Chicagoland
  • St. Louis
  • Cleveland
  • Seattle

Our partners that are signatory with local unions are below

Global Post Construction Cleaning Corp
Its Finely Cleaned
Clearview Cleaning Contractors
Your Home Conceriege

All of our completed laborers’ union projects

Opportunity Name Close Date Account Name Total Contract Amount Primary Contact State East West University 7/15/2013 Madison Construction 43000 Jerry Weber IL Clark/LaSalle – Division Red Line 6/17/2014 FH Paschen 5300 Josh Curran IL CTA WEST Employee Facing Renewal 6/19/2013 Paul Borg Construction Company 55612 Scott Bronson IL Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing Facility 3/22/2014 Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc. 27000 Hiroshi Nobe IL Ingalls Hospital – 4th Floor 5/14/2013 UJAMAA Construction Inc. 3700 Guillermo Rivera IL Phase #1 GI Area at Building #133-Lovell FHCC in N. Chicago 9/2/2014 Blue Yonder 5000 IL North Shore Place Assisted Living 2/3/2014 Skender Construction, LLC 83620 Paul Bandauski IL CGH Medical Center Emergency Department ph1 4/4/2014 Lamp Incorporated 2900 JOSH CAMPANELLI IL CTA NORTH Employee Facing Renewal 10/2/2013 Paul Borg Construction Company 74930 Scott Bronson IL Meijer 872 Renovation 1/22/2014 Gray Construction 18800 Brandon Ashley WI

Other large union markets CCP can not service at this time.  We are working on increasing our union network in these locals

New YorkBoston
New Jersey