Building our network we cold called all the public phone numbers we could find.  60% of CCP network prospects say the words “we are the best” The best can be broken into 2 sections, mentioned below

On the job cleaning and paperwork submitting.  This is before contract and after completion (closing- payroll requirements, contracts, invoices,)

The best cleaners are not the companies who can clean well, because when the contractor 20 other subs on the site while cleaning company is on site, how well they clean means nothing because other companies are getting counters dirty at the same time.

signing contracts, automating insurance request/ submittal process 

  1. Able to Create a pipeline of job opportunities 
  1. Contact and job history logging
    • Organization, transfer notes and Gmail to your address book, crm, notepad
    • You must stay relevant, contacts can not go untouched, you must be remembered and easy to locate (email inbox)
  1. Add projects from other sources. Facebook, LDI, Isqft, itb emails- not your direct pipeline
    • Free invitation to bid websites.  Bluebook, isqft, ldi, Building Contractor Leads
    • Facebook is the closest to completion with all others in bidding phase

Decision maker calls and needs your service in 4 months.  How do you make sure you remember to submit a proposal in 3.5 months? 

  1. Manage the job lead to get to proposal submittal-  after the project manager has asked for a price 
  1. Print CleanSnap sheets weekly, write notes next to job and contact names, cross job names out 
  2. Contact and job history logging
  3. Gather plans for pricing estimate
  4. Superintendent site contact 
  5. When is site visit required, clean start, building completion
  6. Proposal submit

a. Follow up 5 times with each contact related to job

  1. Post contract support
    • Know when to submit Change orders- the super on site will take advantage and expect you work outside agreed scope