Our experience with cleaning services for worship facilities, including churches and synagogues, has provided us with insights into the specific needs and common elements of these sacred spaces. Our proposals often include detailed cleaning plans that address the unique aspects of each facility, reflecting the diversity and complexity of these environments.

Common Elements in Worship Facility Cleaning:

  • Seating and Gathering Areas: Extensive cleaning of many seats and large open areas where congregations gather, ensuring these spaces are welcoming and clean for worship and community events.
  • Children’s Areas: Special attention to spaces designated for children, ensuring a hygienic environment through thorough cleaning and sanitization.
  • Offices and Fellowship Halls: Cleaning of office spaces and fellowship halls, focusing on creating clean and functional environments for staff and community activities.
  • High Windows and Glass: Utilizing lifts for cleaning high windows and glass surfaces to enhance natural light and the aesthetic appeal of the worship space.
  • High Walls: Addressing high walls with appropriate cleaning techniques to maintain the integrity and beauty of the architectural elements.
  • Flooring: Cleaning mostly carpet and vinyl flooring, with a focus on maintaining these surfaces without the need for waxing, ensuring they are clean and presentable.
  • Chancel Area and Baptistery: Careful cleaning of the chancel area, including any baptistery, respecting the sacredness of these spaces while maintaining cleanliness.
  • Balcony, Music Room, and Administrative Offices: Ensuring these additional spaces, including balconies, music rooms, and administrative offices, are thoroughly cleaned and ready for use.
  • Classrooms and Gallery: Cleaning classrooms and gallery spaces, accommodating educational and artistic activities within the worship facility.
  • Welcome Center and Multipurpose Gatherings: Maintaining the welcome center and any areas used for multipurpose gatherings, ensuring these spaces are inviting for visitors and congregation members.
  • Playground: Cleaning and inspecting old playground equipment and areas to ensure safety and cleanliness for children’s activities.




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Awarded Projects To Date –

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
Hosanna Lutheran Church 9075.00 Langer Construction MN 1/28/2014
Kirk Crossing – Jenks, O.K. 9000.00 Daniels & Daniels Construction (Churches by Daniels) OK 8/12/2014
Faith Lutheran Church Final Clean 2250.00 Langer Construction MN 1/6/2014
St. Vincent de Paul Church 3600.00 EMMETT SAPP BUILDERS FL 6/25/2014
12 Stone Church Sugarloaf 12900.00 Van Winkle & Company, Inc. GA 11/26/2013
12 Stone Duncan Creek 7934.00 Van Winkle & Company, Inc. GA 3/12/2014
Church-Outreach Center-6400 SF 775.00 Courthouse Construction VA 4/3/2013
Christ Lutheran Church 3465.00 James Steele Construction Company MN 2/28/2013
Villa Rica First United Methodist Church 3000.00 Lovvorn Construction GA 11/29/2012