A few scope notes we took from awarded churches.  Every church, or synagogue does not contain these items, but these words are commonly used in the scopes of proposals.

Many seats, large open gathering areas, children area, office, fellowship hall, Many high windows and glass- usually requiring lift, High walls, Mostly carpet and vinyl flooring not requiring wax, large chancel area with baptistery and a balcony, music room, administrative offices, classrooms and gallery, welcome center used for multipurpose gatherings, old playground.




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Awarded Projects To Date –

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
Hosanna Lutheran Church 9075.00 Langer Construction MN 1/28/2014
Kirk Crossing – Jenks, O.K. 9000.00 Daniels & Daniels Construction (Churches by Daniels) OK 8/12/2014
Faith Lutheran Church Final Clean 2250.00 Langer Construction MN 1/6/2014
St. Vincent de Paul Church 3600.00 EMMETT SAPP BUILDERS FL 6/25/2014
12 Stone Church Sugarloaf 12900.00 Van Winkle & Company, Inc. GA 11/26/2013
12 Stone Duncan Creek 7934.00 Van Winkle & Company, Inc. GA 3/12/2014
Church-Outreach Center-6400 SF 775.00 Courthouse Construction VA 4/3/2013
Christ Lutheran Church 3465.00 James Steele Construction Company MN 2/28/2013
Villa Rica First United Methodist Church 3000.00 Lovvorn Construction GA 11/29/2012