Medical & Dental

Hospital, Dental, Medical office-mostly VCT

Waiting room, receptionist area, weigh in station, offices, soiled utilities room, water treatment room, med waste room

Dialysis treatment stations, isolation rooms, labs, PD/HH rooms, offices, conference rooms and other support spaces

Awarded Projects To Date –
Medical & Dental

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center 1826.00 Guthrie General, Inc. AZ 4/3/2014
St. Joseph's Hyperbaric suite 1200.00 Guthrie General, Inc. AZ 9/8/2014
ARA Dialysis Center-Senaca, SC 1900.00 Talbot Construction SC 3/23/2012
Aiken Rural Health project 6000.00 MB KAHN CONSTRUCTION SC 8/28/2014
EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF DENTAL MEDICINE 3500.00 A.R. Chesson Construction Co., Inc. NC 12/21/2012
NOVA Medical Group 1800.00 Patner Construction VA 3/4/2013
Bon Secours DePaul Medical building in Norfolk, VA 18245.00 WM Jordan VA 9/19/2014
Davita Leigh 4000.00 ADI Construction, Inc. VA 5/30/2014
Davita Dialysis – New HT & Dialysis Center- White Plains MD 4100.00 Diggs Construction, LLC MD 1/27/2012
DaVita Dialysis – Baltimore County Dialysis MD 4300.00 Diggs Construction, LLC MD 7/23/2012
RAI Dialysis Oxon Hill MD PH 1 1300.00 Diggs Construction, LLC MD 9/28/2012
Davita Carroll County 2500.00 Diggs Construction, LLC MD 11/29/2012
Physicians & Midwives 850.00 The Keystone Group MD 5/20/2013
Baltimore Family Health Center 6000.00 North Point Builders MD 12/6/2013
Concentra Urgent Care – Conyers, GA 3100.00 Doerre construction GA 11/1/2012
Concentra- Morrow GA 3120.00 Doerre construction GA 1/22/2013
Wellstar- Powers Ferry Urgent Care-Resilient Floor Services 1750.00 Hogan Construction Group, LLC GA 4/8/2013
Wellstar Urgent Care & Orthosports Rehab 818 Church St 1500.00 Hogan Construction Group, LLC GA 5/13/2013
Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital 3500.00 CARR ENTERPRISES LTD MA 6/15/2012
Brockton SPD Addition 6500.00 CUTTER ENTERPRISES MA 5/24/2013
Brockton SPD Addition-RECLEAN 6500.00 CUTTER ENTERPRISES MA 8/21/2013
FHCC North Chicago, JOC. 6450.00 Lee & Ryan IL 4/11/2014
Ingalls Hospital – 4th Floor 3700.00 UJAMAA Construction Inc. IL 5/14/2013