Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning Proposals

Access a curated selection of proposal templates for various project types, designed to streamline your quote submission process to project managers. Customize the templates based on the unique requirements of each cleaning project.

Download and Customize Proposal Templates

Understanding the Scope of Work

The scope of work for post-construction cleaning varies with each project. Our general templates provide a foundational structure to present a credible quote, crafted from real-world examples provided by General Contractors.

Tailored Templates for Every Project Type

  • Master Template: The versatile default option for any project when the specific scope is uncertain.  Any type of general construction cleaning.
  • Retail Template: Tailored for retail spaces, with sections for customer areas and stock rooms.
  • Multifamily Template: Ideal for apartments, hotels, or any living spaces.
  • Restaurant Template: Customized for dining and kitchen areas.
  • Tenant Fit-Out Template: Suited for renovations within existing buildings.
  • Educational Facility Template: Formatted for educational institutions of all levels.
  • Medical and Dental Template: Geared towards healthcare facilities, including clinics and offices.
  • Industrial Template: For large warehouses with office spaces.
  • Auto Service Template: For automotive service centers with customer offices.
  • Grocery Store Template: Specially designed for supermarket spaces.
  • Line Item Breakout Template: Line items are itemized for detailed pricing.
  • Public Service Facility Template: For police and fire stations owned by government entities.
  • Theatre Template: For cinemas or performance venues with large seating capacities.
  • Residential Home Template: Dedicated to non-commercial, private residences.
  • Fitness Center Template: Focused on gyms and workout facilities.
  • Gas Station Template: For service stations with retail areas.
  • Job Trailer Template: For on-site contractor management offices.

Each template comes with a comprehensive scope outline to assist you in submitting a detailed and accurate quote. Click on the respective links to learn more about the scope for each type and to download the Word document template for your use.

Prepare your proposal with confidence using our expertly devised templates, ensuring clarity and precision in your quote for any post-construction cleaning project.

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