Cleaner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment work?

Cleaning companies contract with the construction company.  The cleaning company can negotiate their payment terms with each general contractor.  Normal payment terms is: paid when paid, cleaning company invoices the construction company when complete with the scope of work.  Meaning, cleaning company normally is paid 30-45 days after the cleaning is done.  Construction Clean Partners does not pay the cleaning company, The cleaning company partner will pay CCP 10% when they receive payment from the construction company.  CCP will send a 10% invoice to the cleaning company close to when we think the construction company will pay the cleaning company partner.  It is very rare that a cleaning company will get 50% deposit from a construction company. 

How do I become a partner and are there contracts involved?
Joining the CCP Network is straightforward: fill out a cleaning company profile here. There’s no contract to sign or fees for joining. The only contract you’ll sign with us is when we win a project together, which outlines commission payment upon your receipt of payment from the contractor. If you decide to leave, simply email us, and there’s no fee to exit the network.

 How are commissions determined?
Our commission starts at 10%. If the cleaning company partner doesn’t profit, CCP will not expect a commission. 

 How do we get negotiated invites for final clean proposals?
We consistently reach out to project managers, who directly invite us to submit final clean prices. This local reach capability, thanks to our network, fulfills their preference for local contractors. After a site visit to confirm scope, partners email us their total price, including commissions. Proposals are submitted in the cleaning partner’s name to the general contractor.

How is a cleaning partner related to a project?
We look to work with our Premium Members first.  If there is not a premium member, we look at our free basic members that sign up on our website, we search for a partner based on location (under 70 miles from the job site). If the first partner can’t  the job visit, we’ll approach another.

Site Visit Requirement:
Yes, a site visit is crucial for accurately assessing the project and eliminating bidding errors. We pre-scope projects for you, offering a baseline bid and arranging convenient site visits.

Proposal Submission:
CCP submits the proposal in the cleaning partner’s name, with partners submitting their prices to us. We follow up on proposals, and partners are responsible for submitting change orders and invoicing the general contractor directly.

What happens after being awarded a project?
Treat the project as if you were awarded directly, with CCP available for Work in Progress support. You’re in direct communication with the general contractor for compliance, change orders, and billing.

If I’m not interested in a project, am I obligated?
No obligation exists. If a project doesn’t suit you, we’ll present it to another partner. We aim to match projects to your preferences and capabilities.

Payment and Profit Concerns:
You invoice the general contractor directly, typically getting paid within 30 days. If you don’t profit, you don’t owe us a commission. We prioritize your profit and assist in avoiding unprofitable situations.

Finding Projects: Can I do this myself?
While possible, our extensive network and proactive approach streamline finding projects, sparing you the time and effort. Partnering with us is like having an experienced sales team without any upfront cost.

By becoming a CCP partner, you gain access to a wide array of projects, leveraging our extensive network and expertise, with support every step of the way to ensure your business thrives.