By Aduvie Okoh

I get calls regularly from many entrepreneurs in the Post Construction Cleaning business asking about CCP Premium membership and how we can help them get more leads and win more contracts.

This article will explain in detail how Premium works and our tested system that has helped many businesses like yours make extra 000’s on their Balance Sheet every year.

It is great to meet people every day who care about their business so much and are willing to invest a few more bucks to grow their business.

For a cleaning company to succeed, it must

  • Generate Leads: Lead generation is the heart of everything. You can not win jobs if you do not know where ongoing construction projects are happening. You should have them in your pipeline to follow up with, in the first place. 
  • Structured Outreach Campaigns: Having the Leads is one thing, knowing how o reach out to the decision-makers who will allow you access to the project is another thing. It is wise to have well-trained, experienced staff who know how to seek decision-makers and are not afraid to reach out via phone or email.
  • Schedule Site Visits: You or your team must know how to reach out to Project Managers and Superintendents to set up site visits
  • Understand the basic elements of a successful Walk-through
  • Know how to create industry-standard proposals
  • Know how to price jobs properly to increase Award rates
  • Master the art of following up on proposals submitted with the GC until you get a contract awarded.

One way to solve the above pain points is to hire a dedicated sales assistant who is experienced and knowledgeable about the sales cycle for Post Construction Cleaning.

The WEEKLY cost for hiring a sales assistant is $400 at a minimum. You will end up spending between $1600 to $3000, getting someone to generate leads for your pipeline, make calls, write emails, prepare proposals, etc.

CCP’s solution:

CCP’s premium membership is the easiest way to achieve all the above pain points without breaking the banks.

But how does CCP actually operate to get things done?

Premium Explained:

Dedicated Lead Researchers:  As a premium member, you are assigned a team of dedicated lead researchers whose sole purpose is to find cleaning leads around your area. 

They do this by exhausting all the Construction Companies in your area, reaching out to Project Managers, and the estimating department, asking about ongoing projects in that vicinity.

Priority Leads: Premium members enjoy priority leads. That is, they get to see the Leads first before we consider the Basic members.

For example, take a look at the two below images for the Nova Quincy Project in MA

Image 1, CCP checks the map to locate the cleaners who are close to that project. The blue dots indicate cleaning companies, while the red dot is the exact map location of the project.

As you can see from image 2, there are other cleaning companies that are closer to the job site, but Erica. Who is 15.82 miles from the site is the Premium member in that area, and she got the Lead. 

She eventually won the contract which she cleaned at $33,000

Scheduling Site Visits: CCP works tirelessly to secure site visits for our Premium members. Site visits are very effective ways to get to know the Super on-site and get cool recommendations out there to the PM.

I have seen projects where the Super refused to work with a cleaner and the PM had to change the contract to another cleaning contractor. 

Getting along with the Super is super important. #winningtips

Pricing: Pricing is by far the most important consideration for winning cleaning contracts. You can check our article on pricing here.

Our team are highly experienced and discuss the price for each project in detail before preparing a proposal.

Proposals Preparation, Submission, and Follow up: As a CCP Premium Member, you do not have to worry about preparing proposals. CCP helps you with that task.

Getting a good proposal together with the correctly worded scope can significantly help your bid. The Project Manager will always go through your outlined scopes. Showing him that you understand the work required of you, makes you appear as an expert.

With CCP Premium, CCP helps you prepare and submit proposals, you do not have to worry about that at any time.

Really, I do not expect you to have the time to do follow-ups. And you may not have a sophisticated system to remind you periodically to follow up on your proposals. That’s why we are here.

I have seen that following up on your submitted proposals can be a game-changer. Especially if you have a good price in and the PM has other good prices. You show him by following up that you are ready to work and you have what it takes to get the job done.

CCP Basic Membership: CCP Basic membership is another good solution we have provided. Every now and again, there are enough leads for Premium members who become too busy to take on new work. Then we use the maps and send them to our Free partners who may be close to the site.

Also, maybe your area does not have a Premium member and you are the closest to that project, you get the lead.

The benefits of Premium Membership cannot be overemphasized. We have a commitment to work with you until you win contracts. 

From my experience, cleaning companies who sign up for Premium are always willing to work hard, listen to CCP’s suggestions, and corporate with our strategy. They are serious about their business.

Are you serious about your business? You should be, you read up to this point. 

Membership is only $559 every quarter. That is you pay $559 every 3 months. Super affordable don’t you think?

If you have any more questions about Premium, or you are interested in trying out Premium but you do not have $559, call me. (404) 734-5751. I could give you a Private Discount.