• Black Tiles and Upper Floor Tiles: These areas have been meticulously mopped following our initial deep clean. To preserve their condition and finish, no further scrubbing or sealing is necessary.

  • Locker Room Floors: These high-traffic areas require regular mopping to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for our members. Our team ensures these floors are consistently attended to, with additional cleaning products recommended by industry experts like Bobby Harris to enhance cleaning efficiency.

  • Pool and Adjacent Areas: Given the proximity to water and the increased risk of slips, the floors leading from the locker rooms to the pool, including the pool area itself, are scrubbed thoroughly to ensure safety and cleanliness.

  • Pool Equipment Room: This critical area is scrubbed to maintain the hygiene of our pool equipment, preventing any potential contamination of the pool water.

  • Rubber Flooring: Recognizing the specific care requirements of rubber flooring, this area is treated as a separate line item. Specialized cleaning methods are applied to maintain its condition and ensure its longevity.



Awarded Projects To Date –

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
LA Fitness Springfield 15450.00 Morgan Keller VA 5/30/2014
LA Fitness-Bowie 7800.00 Morgan Keller MD 9/26/2013
LA Fitness-Mitchelville 7000.00 Morgan Keller MD 9/26/2013