We create a list of active general contractors within 50 miles from your office

We own a large data set of construction companies, we have used the data since 2011. We know which companies are building and which are not. We will create a target list of companies to visit. Atlanta has 136 general contractors.

Driving daily to each office with 2-3 people in the car

You do not need a company car to visit offices. Employees are inside and rarely see your car when we park. The company car is important when you go to job sites, as thee superintendent is likely outside and can read your logo. We can include a car rental if you do not have a car. In the car from 8:30 am to 3pm.

Top important employee names get us in the door

When making an office visit, we do not schedule a meeting ahead of time. Every meeting is a pop up, the only way this works is iff we are in the know! you must know who to ask for when you get in the door. This is 10 years of data analyzed to know the best contacts to mention or ask for to get the green light for a quick introduction meeting.

3 page company introduction package: Capability statement, certificate of insurance, and W9.

Staple 3 pages plus business card, while in the prospect office we need to hand this package to the receptionist or the key contact that we ask for.