We are looking at doing 1 coat on the VCT first then when the chairs get put in put the final coat on. We will have 4 theaters to start next Tuesday and the rest will fall in line right behind them.

Does this cover cleaning the grid ceilings
all the theater wall fabric needs to be vacuumed,

14 theaters, restaurant, concession area and public spaces approx 64000 SF

kitchen and some offices
3 floors

6 theatres
415 seats

ground floor restaurant 3,600 sf
2nd floor restaurant 1,400 sf
theater office areas 2700 sf

theatre 36,000
common space – 130,742

auditoriums (we are not remodeling auditorium 13)
6 restrooms
Common corridors / hallways
Concession stands
satellite confession- before the project starts
someone was using this as a storage room
need before contract gets written, can do under a PO
maybe 1 day of work for this satellite confession

3 to 4 mobilizations as the Auditoriums and PODS

67,000 square foot luxury theater will house 13 screens, approximately 1,500 lush leather seats, restaurant and lounge with a full bar

Awarded Projects To Date –

Opportunity Name Total Contract Amount Account Name State Close Date
Studio Movie Grille Tampa 9600.00 VCC Construction FL 10/2/2014
AMC Parkway Pointe 15 10895.00 Prosser Wilbert Construction, Inc. GA 7/23/2014
AMC Colonial 18 10620.00 The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co GA 2/5/2014
IPIC Theaters Westwood 20925.00 Robinson Construction Co CA 2/17/2014
Horizon Village Movie Tavern 8200.00 Parkes Construction Co GA 3/23/2012