How to Find Post-Construction Cleaning Leads

How to Find Post-Construction Cleaning Leads

This is the second installment in a 6-part series on finding construction cleanup leads. Read the entire series here.


Are you eager to find local construction cleaning opportunities to expand your business? I was once in your shoes and managed to secure lucrative cleaning projects, netting over $30k in just 3 months. And guess what? I started from scratch – no contacts, no experience, and no capital. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on techniques that truly work!

1. The Significance of Organization:

  • Before diving into lead sources, it’s crucial to emphasize the role of an organized system.
  • Inconsistent efforts lead to inconsistent results. Most cleaning businesses fail to find projects not because of a scarcity of jobs, but due to a lack of organizational efficiency.
  • Use tools like spreadsheets or invest in CRM software such as Salesforce, Zoho, or SugarCRM to manage your leads efficiently.

Action Point: At a minimum, maintain a spreadsheet with all construction company contacts and projects details.

2. Know What to Look For:

  • Contacts of local construction companies: Names, roles, phone numbers, email addresses.
  • Information about local construction projects: Upcoming projects, requirements, site locations.
  • Understand lead types:
    1. Projects already awarded or in progress (preferred).
    2. Projects currently being bid on by contractors (less desirable).

3. Sources of Leads:

Online Planrooms:

  • Many construction companies share project information on their websites, known as “online planrooms”.
  • Some examples include:
  • How to Find: Google search “construction companies [your city]” and explore their websites.

Social Media:

  • Follow construction companies on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Pro Tip: Regularly check their profiles as following doesn’t guarantee you’ll see all their posts.
  • Also, set up a professional LinkedIn profile for your cleaning business for added credibility and networking.

Online Directories & Project Platforms:

Biz Journals:


The above methods are tried-and-tested avenues to locate post-construction cleaning leads. Although no single platform guarantees success, using them collectively can significantly boost your chances.

What’s Next:

Stay tuned for the next article where we’ll delve into making effective contact with construction companies. For now, leverage the resources provided and start building your contact list!