Whose job is this? CCP’s or the cleaning company?

When CONSTRUCTION CLEAN PARTNERS provides you with a project’s details and requests a site visit, it becomes the responsibility of your cleaning company. We hold the job for you until it’s time to make the site visit.

As a CCP premium member, you have the advantage of viewing your job pipeline in advance, even before it’s ready for a site visit. This gives you the opportunity to start networking with project managers or visit the job site early to observe the progress and meet the on-site supervisor. Building relationships in these early stages can be beneficial.

It’s important to note that your cleaning company always acts as the prime contractor and determines the pricing. You will directly invoice the General Contractor and receive payment from them. Effective communication channels are open between our cleaning partners and the project managers at all times.

Once CCP refers a company to a job, it becomes the cleaning company’s responsibility. The cleaning company will only pay CCP a commission if they are awarded a contract.

Each job is owned by the cleaning company since they hold the contract with the General Contractor. In the event that we are working on a commission-based opportunity and the cleaning company performs poorly, the General Contractor may reach out to CCP to express their concerns. In such cases, we would simply forward the email to our cleaning partner, allowing them to address and manage the tasks on the job more effectively than CCP can.